Devices /Wall Switch

The Wall Switch is designed to control the ON/OFF status of other associated devices (up to 11 devices), and to report to the Gateway of the operation status.

After receiving the signals emitted by the Wall Switch, the Gateway can then give commands or operate according to its own settings.

The Wall Switch incorporates one LED light for indicating device status such binding,…etc.

  • The unit is a transceiver that adopt U-net protocol to secure the success of wireless one way communication
  • Easy install
  • U-net 3.0 868.30MHz
  • Battery life 1.5 years
  • ERP EC 244/2009
Operating Temperature Range 0°C~40°C
Operating Humidity 5 - 85% RH
Battery Type AAA Battery x2
Transmitting Range Indoor 30m; Outdoor >150m (Open space)
Frequency Range Range 868MHz (EU)/ 923MHz (USA. Taiwan)
** Specifications are subject to change without notice

unit: mm

This item is available in the following packages: Automation , Combined